For sale super Akhal-Teke stallion Amulet


Stallion with good mentality. Wing, but at the same time, under a confident rider, you can work with stallions, even with mares. Very soft and obedient. Stallions, the child is suitable only as a gelding. Attentive, learns quickly. I won’t say that he is brave, but if he was afraid of something 1 time, then 2 is no longer afraid. When he gets scared, he doesn’t do anything terrible. It just puffs up and stays on. Pleasant to drive. Can run at a wide, sweeping trot. It does not drag at a gallop, does not lie in the hand, goes evenly. 1 went into the fields not very confidently, in the company of a stallion it was perfect. Tents, cars, tourists on bicycles, dogs, a paraglider did not evoke any emotions, given that the horse had just begun to walk into the fields. It rolls up, it will be ideal for walking.
Healthy. He didn’t limp, he didn’t cough, there were no boners. Gives legs, washes, pricks.