A tough looking man. A real warhorse. Both fire and water.


Stallion Altman.
A tough looking man. A real warhorse. Both fire and water. Nothing is afraid. No hurry anywhere. A horse that chooses its own owner. With self-respect, like all Akhal-Tekes. The horse is as calm as possible, but not a nag. When stagnant, the maximum it will do is offer a gallop. He goes to the forests, to the fields, to the water. In the group of horses and one. Stallion. Requires control. Not kidding, not, but yelling. You can ride with mares, but constantly keep his attention at work. Without horses, you can even ride on an abandoned rein. Patient on the mouth, not ticklish on the leg. Above, too, is not afraid of anything. You can wave your hands and whatever you want. Jumped a little. The jump is strong, but it does not burn with desire to jump. True, he tries very hard for a piece. I am accustomed to all manipulations. He takes iron himself, touches his ears and gives any parts of the body. Knows the “park” command. Himself substitutes the saddle to the bedside table. If he moves far away, he moves closer. Landing is good. There is one trouble: he stands well on the cord, knows all the voice commands, but sometimes he can check and try to leave. Not always, but there is.
Suitable for: a man, galloping through the fields. A self-confident girl who can argue to him that she is the main one. If emasculated, it will suit any rider, except for a child.