Nickname: Altmen

Sex: Stallion

Date of birth March 28, 2017

Suit: buckskin



Father: Atagi-nemo; Suit: Dark Bulyan. Height at withers 165 cm. Class Elite

Multiple winner in horse racing. Champion.
The winner of the prize Gelishikli. country Russia
Winner of the race season.
The second prize-winner of a prize of a city of Krasnodar.
The prize of the city of Krasnodar gr. 3
3 years Distance 1200 m 1st place 2014 year
Prize Big Sprinter Gr.2 3 Years Distance 1200 m
2nd place 2014 year
Gelishikli Prize
1st place 2014 year
The prize of the city of Krasnodar country Russia 1st place 2015
Closing of the race season 2nd place 2015

Mother: Ethish, suit: Red. Height at withers 163cm. Class Elite

Gelishikli line

Promising in sport. It will be an excellent manufacturer.